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Project Management Software Options

Finding Free Project Management Tools

These days, a lot of companies depend on computer or web based systems to help them to coordinate their operations and goals within their company. These type of applications will be a great strategy to individual project managers just as much as it's for the teams they manage. It contributes greatly in order to guarantee efficiency and superior communications in situations where the amount of work is overwhelming with out comprehensive supervising.

Because the interest in these types of applications has increased, open source project management software is becoming readily accessible. Needless to say, all things are not as simple as they appear. open source or free project management software isn't always the simplest platform to learn. The learning curve on the software can be more than the time allows. There is an old saying in the open source community, the software is only free if your time is worth nothing. So take these things into consideration when looking into moving to an open source platform.

Probably the greatest problem associated with moving to open source project management software is that it's frequently designed with open source program code. If you have experience working with programing languages or worked as a IT project manager, this could be a benefit. Nevertheless, for your average company owner, it may cause a number of problems that they just will not want to work around.

you should weigh all of your options before making a decision if a open source platform will be a benefit to you and the orginization you will be implementing it for. below are a list of some of my favorite open source project management applications. the great part about them is you can install them and see if they will be usable without needing to purchase anything or deal with a sale rep continually calling you. the down side of course is the learning curve.

Project Management Software Downloads:

Codendi is a open source continuing development system provided by Xerox. Through just one user interface, it collects, all of the required resources for computer software development groups: versioning and management of tests, reporting, documents, requirements, bugs, code etc. It is generally used to mange the software project processes.

Download Codendi

Redmine developed a project management web application with great flexibility. designed using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is supports cross-database and cross-platform systems. It includes gantt charts and calendar to assist the visual presentation of projects and their scheduled deadlines.

Download Redmine

ProjectPier developed a open source PHP self-hosted application used for automated managing of projects, tasks and team coordination using an web interface. IT will aid in communication, collaboration and organizing projects. It is comparable to commercial project management software products, but will allow the scalability and scope of self hosting your applications.

Download ProjectPier

Trac developed a open-source web based bug tracking and project management application. Trac has the ability to provide hyperlinking data between wiki content, bug-databases and revision control. It may also serve as a systems interface for a version control system like Bazaar and Darcs, Mercurial, Git, Subversion.

Download Trac